PokerMatch rakeback

A rakeback bonus offer is available to all poker room players. We tell you about the rake, rakeback system, how it is calculated, and how you can significantly increase your winnings while playing poker.


What is rakeback in poker?

Let's immediately explain the Pokermatch rakeback system to Indian players. The first introductory step begins with clarifying the concept of rake. Rake is a kind of commission on each cash of hand or tournament bet that is charged to all players. This specific amount is paid to the poker room as payment for services provided to users. The rake is a form of income for the poker room and payment for the player's quality time. The rake is mainly collected to further improve the PokerMatch online poker room network.

Now closer to the concept of rakeback and its importance. It is actually a refund of some of the rake that was paid by the player. Yes, the same commission that the casino should have taken from your bet. For Indian players, this is a plus because rakeback in Pokermatch is a nice bonus that can be reused for new gambling activities in the room.

The rakeback opportunity is an important chance to get back a certain amount of rake, and implementing such rakeback on every bet or game during the month will help to accumulate a significant amount. On a monthly basis, Pokermatch will offer to convert your rakeback points into real currency. However, the exchange can only be done with a minimum of 1,000 points accumulated. With an exchange rate of $1 to 500, such an exchange will bring $2 or 160 rupees to the player's account.

Generally, each rake depends on the rules of each room or tournament separately. However, at PokerMatch Casino, the rake amount is 5% of the bet. The such a raking system is beneficial for both participants of the game dialogue, as the user has an additional opportunity to get back a part of the amount for further bets, and the casino, in its turn, attracts the additional audience to the pleasant bonus system.

How is the rake calculated in Pokermatch?

There are different types of rake calculation systems with their own features. But the online PokerMatch platform uses the most advanced type of rake calculation, contributed. The online casino team has decided it is the most appropriate system to use, and below we will give arguments to explain why.

For starters, contributed is a type of calculation where each player is raked out of the amount he has previously deposited in the pot, i.e. bet. Accordingly, the higher the amount deposited, the more of it can go to future rake.

For the calculated commission, i.e. rake, the player will get a certain amount of points which he will be able to convert into real money and get his rakeback. That is, contributed system of calculation will depend on how much money the player will put in the pot. Hence, higher bets and more excitement will bring you more rakeback in the future.

Pokermatch rakeback structure?

The rakeback percentage at online casinos and PokerMatch poker rooms can be as low as 5%. However, certain characteristics can affect the PokerMatch rake. These include the selected cash table with a set rake limit and the number of players in the hand who have received cards (note that players outside the hand, i.e. actually out of the game, are not counted). It is therefore advisable to deal at cash tables with four or more players. It is at this number that the rakeback amount will be the maximum offered.

As mentioned above, a player receives certain points for rake paid, which can be converted into real money in the process. By the way, the base currency for converting points is hryvnia. Therefore, the conversion rate in UAH will always be stable — UAH 1 to 10 points, UAH 100 to 1000 points, and so on by analogy. However, you may further convert this money into the desired currency by paying the conversion fee. But to exchange points to dollars, the rate may change. For this, we recommend following the updates on the official website.

The minimum exchange possibility is 5 dollars/euros or 100 hryvnias for 1000 accumulated points. That is, only having the minimum number of rake points in your account will the system be able to convert them to real money for you.

Increased rakeback, up to +80%

Getting rakeback from Pokermatch is always nice. But we offer more. The updated and improved PokerMatch Rakeback 2022. After all, the PokerMatch online poker room team has always put attention and care for the needs of their own audience at the forefront of their goals, with diligence and exceptional attention to the game coverage they offer. More opportunities—more winnings.

This year, there are new additional features on the platform. All PokerMatch customers, including Indian poker players, have been given the opportunity to increase their profits by playing at the Hold'em and Omaha cash tables from 15:00 to 19:00 Kyiv time (translated to Indian time zone it is 17:30 to 21:30) from May 7, 2022.

Playing at these cash tables during this time will allow you to increase your Rakeback points. This can even be as much as +80%! The main rule to follow is to play at specific times at appropriate tables, with a +50% or +80% rakeback mark. You'll notice it right away among all the games on offer. The rakeback points you earn will be instantly deposited into your personal account.

How to use rakeback correctly to stay in the black?

There are a few basic tips for players to ensure that using rakeback gives you not just the pleasure of the bonus, but a really solid plus in your account.

It should be remembered that a rakeback system is only beneficial if played on a regular basis. Regular betting for several hours a day will increase the possibility of earning more rake points at the end of the month than single bets at the cash tables.

The system is simple: more bets – more rakeback. As PokerMatch's online poker room system uses contributed as a type of optimal rake calculation, its functionality is based on the fact that all players will receive the appropriate rake from the invested amount in the pot. That is, a larger bet automatically gives the possibility of getting more rakeback. Note the importance of many bets during a hand, which will also affect the rake credited.

The next tip is to maintain a consistent rakeback level. PokerMatch Casino actively uses a tiered rakeback system, the percentage of which increases significantly with higher levels. It is for this reason that the PokerMatch team carefully recommends targeting your game specifically at reaching the ninth-highest level. To do so, players must earn a fixed 500,000 points over a three-month period, which can then be converted into real money in a game account. For players who have already reached a certain level, the progress support will be relevant. To do so, you only need to earn half of it in 3 months – that's 250,000 points. For such attempts, the system will reward you with a 40% rakeback. Just note that rakeback from level 1 to 2 will increase by 2.5%, and from levels 2 to 9 will increase by 5% each time you reach the highest possible level amongst the standard rakebacks.

However, let's also remember the temporarily current offers. They can also affect rakeback usage to a significant monetary advantage. These are the same cash tables with an 80% rakeback opportunity. These promotions are open at certain times and with certain conditions, but they can bring extra rake points to your account. Keep an eye on the official website for updates and news. All updated offers can be found and viewed under the ”Promotions” tab.

The rakeback system may seem complicated and surprising to the likely newcomer to the gambling world, compared to the usual and familiar bonus giveaways. But we assure you that this extra rake can still capture your full attention.

What other types of rakeback are there?

The basic classic rakeback is the monthly crediting of converted points received as real money into your personal account. However, amongst the rakeback opportunities, we offer additional cashback to your account.

The promotional offer of increased rakeback is also becoming popular and has also appeared on the online PokerMatch platform in 2022. This way, poker rooms regularly attract players at set times, giving them the opportunity to receive their desired increased rakeback percentage, while the casino system itself continues to deduct the classic PokerMatch rakeback amount from each bet or tournament entry. Benefit and quality for every user.

Let's also mention poker affiliates. In the gambling world, these are those who partner with a poker site to attract new users. For this purpose, affiliates usually use their own poker portals. The main attraction tool is thematic content. It is such affiliates that can increase the rakeback that will be paid to the attracted players. And depending on the affiliate, the percentage can vary from 5% up to as much as 50% of total rakeback.

Greater rakeback also offers winnings in various bonus offers, promotional games or when completing relevant missions. All this is to diversify and increase the frequency with which the player receives profitable rakeback.

In conclusion

The rakeback system is an important game element for a professional poker player that should be taken very seriously, with detailed care and effective planning of its use. After all, it is under these conditions that rakeback can begin to bring in a noticeable amount of money into the account.

However, if you haven't yet begun to seriously research and study the subject of rakeback receipt, are afraid of not understanding the mechanics, or getting confused with exchange rates – we assure you that everything is still to come. After all, sooner or later your gambling spirit will be interested in the possibility of getting some extra cash into your account.


What is the rake calculation system at Pokermatch?

PokerMatch Online Casino works with a rake calculation system such as Contributed, as it considers it to be the best system for the task. It is based on the fact that it counts the rake on the amount the player has placed as a bet. Consequently, the amount of possible rake will increase with the amount of future bets. Quite advantageous for both poker room players and the casino itself.

What is the maximum rakeback percentage at Pokermatch?

The maximum rakeback percentage will depend on the frequency and activity of your gaming history. In addition, if you take into account Pokermatch's rakeback increase level system, it is clear that there is a 40% rakeback available. With each level, the rakeback percentage will increase by 5% (except for the increase from level 1 to 2 which will be +2.5% rakeback), which will have a significant impact on the account amount. However, this applies to fixed percentages.

The PokerMatch platform also regularly offers rakeback opportunities of 50% and even 80%. We recommend that you keep an eye on the official PokerMatch website in the 'Promotions' section for such timed opportunities.

How many levels of rakeback in Pokermatch?

Pokermatch's rake structure is built around a tiered system. There are 9 levels available. At each of them, the percentage of rake increases. Consequently, at level 9 the player can receive rakeback in the amount of 40%, which is the maximum possible in PokerMatch. The player can increase his level by gaining the necessary points to reach it. Or choose an easier level and simply maintain the rakeback level already obtained.

However, remember that the level you reach will not be saved for you for the rest of the time, but will change. That is, if in 3 months the player does not collect the necessary number of points to maintain his level – the system will automatically lower it to the level that corresponds to the gained points. All necessary indicators can be viewed on the tab "Promotions”.

The PokerMatch team recommends that players in India work towards gaining and maintaining the 9th maximum level with a 40% rakeback. However, remember that each level is already an additional amount in the player's wallet for future possible bets and winnings.